Cure Your Headache Using This Great Natural Remedy Made With Only 2 Ingredients

Headaches can be really nasty and keep you tied to the bed for hours, even days. What’s more, sometimes even medications cannot help.

Try this simple recipe and say goodbye to headaches. It is super-easy and you need ingredients that you always have on hand.

As salt is the main ingredient, make sure you use high quality salt, and Himalayan salt is the healthiest choice because of its high content of minerals and electrolytes. But, you can also use sea salt.

The preparation does not require any special effort. All you have to do is add 2 tablespoons of salt to a glass of fresh juice, and stir well.

For better results, drink 3-4 sips and make short breaks.

The salty remedy will prevent or relieve headaches, stimulate your immune system, boost your energy, and balance serotonin levels.
Sounds good, right?